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ADUK accredited assistance dogs are highly trained and their temperament is tested over a long training period. Some ADUK charities have their own breeding schemes and start training and socialising each dog from a very early age. Dog A.I.D. support the training of people’s pet dogs which go through a rigorous training programme over many months under the guidance of highly experienced instructors. Medical Detection Dogs occasionally work with pet dogs if they meet certain criteria. There is no registration scheme in the UK for people to register their pet dogs as assistance dogs. See individual websites for further information.
There are no ADUK accredited assistance dog charities at the present time that train dogs for people with mental health issues where this is the only disability. Psychiatric Service dogs are trained in some other countries, but not in the UK. This is a very specialist area of work and whilst in time, it is likely that a charity in the UK will offer this service, at present it is not available. Should there be any change in this position; information will be posted on this website.
Each ADUK charity has an individual application process. Please visit our member’s page and contact the relevant charity directly.

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