In Celebration of Assistance Dogs

In Celebration of Assistance Dogs

Join us on 21st May at the heart of Parliament for an evening celebrating the remarkable bond between humans and assistance dogs. In collaboration with Assistance Dogs International and Assistance Dogs UK, APDAWG proudly presents “In Celebration of Assistance Dogs”.

The event will explore the transformative world of assistance dog partnerships, where every wag of a tail signifies a story of resilience and independence. We will hear from a range of speakers, some who have expertise acquired through their firsthand experience, and others who have expertise developed through their careers, both bringing to life the positive impact that highly trained assistance dogs can have.

Event Highlights:

Keynote Address by Sean Dilley, BBC Correspondent: Be inspired as Sean Dilley takes centre stage, sharing his personal journey alongside his Guide Dog. From navigating bustling streets to conquering professional milestones, Sean’s narrative brings to life the impact that assistance dogs have on people’s lives.

Tales of Triumph. Experience the power of firsthand accounts as individuals, joined by their assistance dog, talk about the life changing and lifesaving impact their highly trained dogs make. 

Insights from the Sector: Gain invaluable insights into the landscape of the assistance dog sector with engaging presentations from a range of organisations. From Assistance Dogs International to Assistance Dogs UK and the Assistance Dog Assessment Association, discover the initiatives shaping the future of assistance dog partnerships.

The event will also be an opportunity to connect with fellow advocates, professionals, and enthusiasts and to share experiences.

Date & Venue: 6:30 pm – 9pm 21st May | Committee Room 11, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA (Cromwell Green entrance)