ADUK often receives requests from people wanting to support our work in a variety of ways, but being an umbrella organisation means we don’t train or provide assistance dogs, raise funds to train or provide assistance dogs and we are not able to provide speakers or visits to events. When we do receive kind offers of support we always suggest getting in touch with our member organisations and we’ve included further details about this below.

Making a financial donation

We are always very grateful for any donation we receive but please note that ADUK does not train or provide assistance dogs. The donations we receive are used to support the vital work of our members, such as increasing awareness around assistance dogs and helping our members work together.

If you would like to make a donation that contributes to training or providing assistance dogs then please visit our member page to find out more about each of our members and the dogs they train and visit their website or contact them directly about making a donation.

Puppy/dog donation

Many of our members will gratefully accept donations of puppies from a litter if they can. Visit our member page to select which organisation you would like to make your donation to and contact them directly.

Rehoming retired and unqualified dogs

ADUK member organisations each have their own process to rehome their retired dogs. Some may also have a small number of unqualified dogs that require rehoming. It’s important to note that these dogs haven’t been able to become assistance dogs for a reason and sometimes that is due to behavioural or health issues.

If you would like to talk about rehoming, then you’ll need to contact ADUK members directly using the contact details on the member page

Requesting a speaker

ADUK members are based all around England. If you are looking for a speaker to come to your group or event then please see which member is near you and contact them directly to enquire. Some members are also able to offer speakers across much wider areas of the UK then where they are based or are able to provide an online speaker.

If you would like to invite a speaker to your meeting or event then visit our member page and contact the one/s you are interested in.

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