ADI’s new European Breeding Cooperative (EBC) officially launched on 1st April 2021. The cooperative is open to all ADI Accredited Members. It doesn’t matter whether your organisation has a breeding programme or not, you can still join.

ADI developed this program to benefit all ADEu (and therefore ADUK) members by creating a reliable source of purpose-bred puppies and to improve dog type at a nominal cost.

EBC’s first litter of 12 puppies has just been delivered, and these will be distributed to the new members of the cooperative.

While new EBC member orientation and enrolment of breeding stock gets underway, the North American chapter (ABC) has announced an effort to help support the new EBC colony with donations of some puppies and frozen semen. 

ADI are excited by these events which will help achieve EBC’s vision of building a culture of collaboration in breeding without borders.

If you would like more information on joining, please contact Steph: